Type L

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Audition room, Conference room, Meeting room, Room reserved for associations, District room and Multimedia room

Stuck wall covering and hung composed wall covering C-s3-dO / M2 AM 4 / AM 9 / AM 12a
Floor covering D fl-s2 / M4 AM 7
Ceiling covering B-s3-dO / M1 AM 5
Decorative elements
- Float M1 AM 10/1
- Canopy

interdit sauf dérogation M1

AM 10/2
Drapes, curtains, door-curtains, hung door frame M1 escaliers / M2 autre / interdit en travers des dégagements

AM 11 / AM 12

Seat, armchair and sofa
- Fixed or not stacked

Structure siège: M3 Rembourrage et son enveloppe conforme à la NF D 60-013

AM 18
- Detached / Movable interdit L 29
 Observations Décor sur scène M3 / D-s3-dO  Autre décor M1 / B-s2-dO  L 61 / L 75



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